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Empathy Navigator

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Download the giraffe to your mobile! The Nonviolent Communication App keeps you company in your day-to-day life, helps you cope with conflicts and supports Nonviolent Communication (NVC) exercises like Celebration of Life, Empathy Journal, the Four Steps of NVC, etc.• Feelings Navigator (database)• Needs Navigator (database)• Body Scan (database)• Empathy Journal (database)• Celebration of Life (database)• Empathy Reminder• Business Module (database)• Report feature for all database applicationsIn cooperation with Al Weckert, book author and organisation developer, the Junfermann-Verlag presents the NVC App. The Empathy Navigator helps you improve your skills and awareness when it comes to speaking and listening with empathy.At the heart of the app is the database with its intuitive user interface. It provides you with terms for feelings and needs, as well as the Empathy Journal, which you can analyze using a variety of reports. Various Business features assist you in getting prepared for difficult discussions. The Empathy Reminder is provided to help you cope with conflicts.Feelings Navigator and Needs NavigatorBoth database features Feelings Navigator and Needs Navigator allow an associative search for appropriate terms. Just shift a search term to the center of your phone’s display and let yourself be inspired by the terms the database associates with your search term. You can save the feelings or needs that match your situation along with the current date and location, and you can link them to additional terms. The Feelings and Needs Navigator is also available for the Body Scan as well as inside the modules Journal, Celebration of Life, and Business.Body ScanWith the guidance provided by a special menu, you can even “scan” bodily feelings and record them in the database.The Empathy JournalThe Journal provides selective access to all entries saved in the database from all modules. In addition, by creating a New Entry everyday situations can be recorded in which you reflect your well-being and behavior. What has happened, today or just now? How does that feel? Which needs have been fulfilled, which remain unfulfilled? In this context, do I want to make a request to myself or another person?Celebration of LifeWith the guidance provided by a special menu, the feature Celebration of Life invites you to remember special moments of the day that you might want to celebrate.Empathy ReminderThe Empathy Reminder brings a lot of fun to the app, and it also provides two useful extra features. If you tend to blow your top frequently, but you’d prefer to react in a calm way, just activate the Relaxation Mode. The display goes dark, and slowly the African sun rises above the horizon and giraffes wander across the savanna. The Conversation Assistance creates discrete messages (text, vibration alert) in selectable intervals to remind you to communicate with empathy—very important for meetings!Business ModuleThe app’s Business Module provides menus of questions that assist you in preparing yourself for discussions and meetings, and in debriefing after the event. The questionnaire results can be saved to the database, and the check lists can help you to reach more clarity about your concern and to express yourself forcefully.ReportsIn a separate application area inside the Journal, all database entries are consolidated in reports. The report area allows analyzing the most frequent feelings and needs by time and location, separately or in groups.